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New SUNDAY morning Introduction to Svaroopa Yoga Foundational Poses; 10:00-11:30am and an additional class on Tuesday nights 6:30-8pm through July!

Sea Glass is a great metaphor...softening into each pose! Om Namah Shivaya, Sattva

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Yoga Classes

Introduction to Svaroopa® Yoga
We have a new Teacher, Stephanie Senecal, who needs different body types and levels of yoga experience, what you get is...
Some of the many benefits of Svaroopa® yoga:
~Pain Free Living
~Stress reduction
~Improved lung capacity
~Peace of mind
~Increased flexibility
~Improved posture
~Reduced Asthma & Allergy symptoms
~Weight loss
~Core opening
~To know yourself as Consciousness Its-Self...Svaroopa

Come into Sea Glass Yoga & Wellness Center to broaden your smiles and to simply be here!
Continuing/Deeper Svaroopa® Yoga - $20
MONDAY night Svaroopa yoga class is for students who have had some previous experience with Svaroopa yoga, although we may allow beginners if that is the only time a student can attend. If you interested in attending one of the Continuing classes, please contact us in the studio office at Deeper classes are designed for students who have been taking Svaroopa Yoga classes for at least 6 weeks and incorporate daily home practice into their routine.
Thursday morning Basics, boutique class size - $20
Thursday mornings 9-10:30am; Join Us! Drop-ins welcome. Open to all levels of students. Beginning students are encouraged to come to one of these classes. We have blankets to meet your tensions where are and prop or substitute a pose so you get the most effective class for you!
Aroma VI Yoga Class - $30
Aroma VI Yoga
Six luxurious, deeply restorative Svaroopa®️ Yoga poses relax the physical body while 100% Essential Oil plant medicine is diffused throughout the space to awaken the olfactory senses. Aroma VI(ta Flex) hand and foot massages will assist these healing oils to enter the body while your breathe takes you into complete relaxation.

Vita flex touch to your hands and feet, along with Svaroopa®️ Yoga replenishes the balance of nadi channels throughout the body and opens pathways into wholeness and well-being. We complete our evening with holding space to share experiences.

Pre-Reg is REQUIRED for this workshop

SAVE with membership! $25 for class card holders/$30 regular.
Gentle Yoga - $20
Open to all levels of students Saturday mornings. Beginning students are encouraged to come to one of these classes. Svaroopa® Yoga is deceptively easy, amazingly powerful. This class is designed to gently open you up to your own capital "S" Self. Start Saturday mornings September 16 through December 9, 2017.

For those students who may have health issues and do not feel ready to be in a regular class, please signup for an Embodyment® (Body Relax) or a private yoga session.


February 24, 2018; 1-3pm and will continue to be held each month.
Guided meditation to start promptly at 1pm, so come early to save a space because space is limited!

Come for Byron Katie's "The Work" with Christine Rottger, Yoga adjustments and STAY TO SHOP and FOR THE SMOOTHIES! A 2-hour workshop.

With so many smoothie options & recipes out there, making healthy choices can be overwhelming. I will share some of my favorite smoothie ingredients, as well as their benefits for your body.

We will start off with a gentle yoga shavasana or seated meditation, followed by learning "the work", ways to question what your mind is telling you, and healthy revolution introduction to a program that is going viral on social media. Sample 2 types of smoothies (berry meal replacement & desert).

Vendors welcome! We currently have Luluroe, makeup artist Rebecca Demers and Young Living™
Pumpkin' Drum with Julie Corey - $35
Learn the ancient art of drumming on Pumpkins! Bring one from your patch or use one of Julie's. Okay, maybe NOT! On Wednesday, November 1st; 6pm
Let's play African drums instead and we can explore some fun rythyms surrounding the Harvest and Samhain/Halloween traditions. Always fun to be in community and explore music making together. (Regardless of the political environment, Mother Earth lovers always welcome!)
No experience necessary. Bring a friend or two. Julie will bring lots of drums to share. Some drums are for sale as well as her teaching CD. You can register here or text Julie Corey at (603) 557-1001 or Susan Daniel at (617) 320-3394 for more info. Happy Harvest!
Limited Space inside (if warm enough we can be inside and outside)!
NHHN Meeting - $0
Join us on the mountain in Henniker to continue the frank discussion on medicinal canabis uses. Sign up online so we know if you will be joining us for potluck (no pun intended). Hope you can join us!
Feel free to look around after the meeting at essential oils (some available at less than wholesales prices), a few tinctures, soaps, beads, and jewelry.

We will meet at 803 Flanders Road, Henniker, New Hampton, NH at 1:00pm. The meeting is 1-4pm, 9/10/17. Please feel free to park in the grass, we are meeting inside the barn to the left of the house up the stairs. There are a couple parking spots available in front of the barn (handicap accessible). This is a rain or shine event, so come prepared as we will have the meeting regardless of the weather.

Need directions? Call or text 617-320-3394. Email or follow GPS to 803 Flanders Road, Henniker, NH 03242. We are located up the street from Intervale Pancake House on the right side the next driveway after Goss Lumber. Across from Nash Landscape Co.


Private Yoga Session - $65
Body Relax Private Session $85 per session, $195 for 3 sessions - $85
Wellness Consultation - $20
FREE for Toastmasters, Henniker Rotary Club and Henniker’s Azalea Park Committee members.
Herbal Consultation $125 First visit; $55 per followup - $125
Herbal Intake Form required.
Introduction to Heart Mind Integration - $20
We are starting a new HMI group. Please let me know what days/time work best for you?

"In order to truly manifest our destiny, we need to integrate the parts that are blocking our highest good/possibility (destiny). As each part integrates back into your essence (merges), you take on more spirit energy and continue towards your true destiny."
~ Tommy Priester

How it works:

There is a new body of research that supports the notion that we are much more than what we think of, as us. The mind body connection is far greater than the simple ego/self. First, there are two types of ego, the balanced ego and the imbalanced ego. The healthy ego equals our healthy balanced self or integrated selves (healthy boundaries, acceptance, compassion, unconditional love and so on). The imbalanced ego equals our disintegrated self, the parts of us that react inappropriately to the situation at hand. These parts can and would like to be healed.

Once a part leaves our higher self, no mater what the reason, it becomes stuck there until we go out to find it. With me guiding you, we work together to bring it back into your heart chamber, and begin the healing process. It can take 1 session, 3 sessions or more, depending on you and your parts willingness to work with your Highest Self.

The good news is that it is possible to fully heal these parts and live to your full potential!

Each part has a story or stories that compile its traumas/burdens. These stories are the place to bring your focus, if the part is willing to share them. The part will either tell you or show you the event and feelings associated with that event. The client at this point is being reminded to be the witness and just channel the emotions that come up and out through their system. After the part has shown you it’s charges (what energy it took on to try to protect you or itself) and its stories, then there’s usually an opening to start the healing process.

If you are interested in this amazing and empowering healing session, please schedule an appointment. For more information go to!
Heart Mind Integration, offered on a sliding scale basis - $85
Directions 803 Flanders Road, Henniker, NH, United States